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Don't give Corona a chance!

During a crisis it is easy to only see the negative side but is important to point out we can find the positive side, it is just harder to recognize. During this critical time we are forced to think outside the box, leave our comfort zones, and try alternative measures and actions for the benefit of all. Some of the obstacles include voluntary and involuntary isolation, closed schools and shops, and cancelled meetings and conferences. These obstacles allow us to think about different and better ways of developing ourselves and our personnel. The impact on businesses could last for several months or possibly even years.
We could choose to stop developing our people and employees but this would ultimately destroy our organizations and economy. Now more than ever this is the right time for even those who are the more traditional and conservative in business practices to think about alternative ways in regards to  the training and development of their employees.

Equally important to training itself is the evaluation of how successful training activities are and where further training activities are needed. Hence, GCP-Service has developed a web-based e-training platform for clinical research which is accessible to external persons or groups and provides a structured success-controlled training system. With our training platform, trainees receive training presentations and reference documents (e.g. most current regulations) concluding with training tests drawn randomly from a pool of more than 1000 questions related to the pre-selected training modules.

Advantages of e-training are:

✓ Lower costs

✓ No additional travel costs

✓ Less time-intensive

✓ Time flexibility

✓ Good learning effect

✓ Systematic identification of training needs

✓ Measurement of training effect

✓ Excellent documentation of training process

✓ Individual training adaption

We offer a broad variety of different trainings in the field of:


✓ German drug law

✓ German medical device law

✓ ISO14155

✓ EU regulations

and more