Experts of GCP-Service International

Our excellence is your success. The expertise of the GCP-Service team in different types of clinical studies is one of our key values we provide to our clients. Our focus on agile small to midsize clients requires a special mindset of our experts which we develop and improve since the foundation of GCP-Service. The involvement of our experts ensures that the conduct of a huge variation of clinical studies, with its different study designs, objectives, products, medical areas in several geographical regions reach the goal. The fact that our experts work hand in hand to smooth the entire development process is unique in the CRO world. We are proud to introducing our pleasant expert team responsible for the cost-effective conduct of your studies as professionals and as humans:

Process/System experts


Dr Andreas Grund

Expert for International Project Management

Marion Gruenhagen

Expert for Training and Competence Management

Christian Inglis-Arkell

Expert for Clinical Trial Product Safety, Medical Writing and E-Feasibility

Thomas Kissner

Expert for Data Management and Electronic Data Capture

Linus Lauterbach

Expert for Site Management

Cordula Lühmann

Expert for Regulatory Submissions of Drug Studies

Dennis Neuschwander

Expert for Biostatistical Trial Planning

Dr Marco Schwarzer

Expert for Interface Management

Dr Sebastian Fessel

Expert for electronic Patient Reported Outcome (ePRO)

Dr Andreas Beust

Expert for Centralized Statistical Monitoring

Benjamin Tsiflidis

Expert for TMF & Document Management

Regional experts


Cordula Lühmann,

Belgium, Netherlands

Dr. Annelies Weyn,

Switzerland, Austria


Aicha Boudhar,

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary

Jiří Paseka,

Romania, Bulgaria

Andrei Stoicescu,

Turkey, Greece, Cyprus

Andreas Moschos,

Latin America

Anne Blanchard,


Noga Brunicki,

Baltics, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia

Audrius Sveikata,


Hiroshi Tsujimoto,

Spain, Portugal, Italty

Alfonso García Cañamaque,

Australia, New Zealand

Robin Hansen / Anne De Luca,