Due to our high commitment to clinical research we provide people even with free advice with regards to minor GCP related topics on a daily basis, visit therefore GCP mindset youtube channel.

GCP mindset youtube channel (german):

GCP Mindset: Worüber wollen wir sprechen?
(About which topics do we want to talk?)

Outsourcing ist ein wichtiges Thema in der klinischen Forschung, aber was ist effektives Outsourcing?
(Outsourcing in clinical research is an imporant topic, but what makes Outsourcing effective?)

Was hat sich im Bereich Clinical Monitoring in den letzten Jahren geändert?
(What has been changed in Clinical Monitoring during the last years?)

Welche Einflüsse hat das EMA Reflection Paper on TMF Management und ICH (R2) auf den täglichen Umgang mit dem Trial Master File.
(Which impact has the EMA Reflection Paper on TMF Management and ICH (R2) on the dialy work with a TMF?)

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