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Why Poland?

Poland is one of the great locations for conducting clinical trials, in fact in 2021 there were 800 clinical trials applications submitted only to the pharmaceutical department of Polish competent authority and Poland has a potential to keep this number growing!

  • With a population of nearly 38 million people, Poland offers high recruitment in many indications. Polish patients are motivated to participate in clinical trials, because more often they’d receive much better care in a trial, than standard of care.
  • Polish investigators are very well educated and highly motivated. While being able to offer new therapy opportunities to their patients, they collect good quality data, and are actively involved in international cooperation with investigators in other countries exchanging experiences.

We, GCP-Service International, wanted to be present here, locally, to offer our services to you at best quality. Having already a relationship with sites and SMOs, we are happy to identify suitable sites for your study. We believe that local presence, expertise, and communication in local language facilitates i.e., applying for clinical trial or negotiating contracts with the sites.

Concidering Poland as a potential country for your clinical trial? Or still not sure why, do not hesitate to reach out to us, and we will discuss the best option for you!