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COVID19 – No Delays Here!​

COVID19 – No Delays Here!​

Choosing the appropriate data collection strategy has always been a key to success in clinical trials.This is even more important considering COVID-19 and its effects on clinical trials this year.

An internal survey of our current projects during this pandemic showed that those trials using ePRO (or other eCOA measures) had less delays when compared with studies using EDC alone. Unfortunately the worst case scenario occurred for paper-based or hybrid studies had to put on hold or even postponed entirely due to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fortunately we consistently receive positive feedback from our clients that patients using our ePRO system are more willing to participate in electronic data collection. This is part because our ePro resource allows study patients to submit their responses remotely. This eliminates a potential risk of exposure to COVID-19 as the result of being physically present for a site visit.

ePRO uses a patient focused approach to increase patient recruitment, retention, and engagement within a clinical trial. Patient compliance is increased by using flexible notifications and reminders that easily integrate into a patient’s daily schedule.

Using ePRO as BYOD makes the data entry process easier for the patient. It empowers patients to report data using their mobile phone on their own time and in the comfort and safety of their own home.

For those reconsidering their data collection strategy the Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies for PRO Data Collection regarding COVID-19 issued by the ePRO consortium is an excellent resource.

It is my pleasure to support you in finding the data collection strategy, whether planned or current, that’s right for you and your clinical trial.

Please click here to contact me today and don’t forget ask for a demo of our a free PRO solution software.

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