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GCP-Service International and CRUINT GLOBAL Consulting partner to expand global capabilities

GCP-Service International and CRUINT GLOBAL Consulting partner to expand global capabilities

Prague, 25.03.2024GCP-Service International (GCP-Service), a privately owned full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO) based in Germany, announces a partnership with CRUINT GLOBAL Consulting (CRU Global), a CRO based in Singapore with phase I units located in Hungary, Vietnam and Ukraine. Together, GCP-Service and CRU Global have the capacity to efficiently run clinical trials with medicinal products from phase I through IV, as well as with medical devices in the pre- and post-market setting, globally. With the combined knowledge on trial design and optimization as well as efficient trial execution, the partnership aims at providing the most efficient end-to-end solution for performing clinical trials in Europe and beyond.

The healthcare landscape is as dynamic as always, and has undergone significant legislative changes in recent years, especially in Europe.  Enabling clinical trials for companies from within and beyond despite this changing environment is vital to provide a platform upon which new medicinal products and medical devices can be developed. Both GCP-Service and CRU Global are at the forefront of this evolution, committing to excellence, speed of execution and innovation in clinical trials. Partnering together, the organizations aim to leverage their regional coverage as well as their complementary experience in clinical trials with medicinal products and medical devices, their unique capabilities to support accelerated early phase trials with medicinal products, and their extensive utilization of computerized systems to support the trial conduct, to boost trial planning and execution.

Andreas Beust, CEO of GCP-Service, is thrilled about the opportunities this partnership holds:

From the first collaboration with Peter Kovacs and CRU Global I was beyond impressed by their speed and diligence of work. Around the clock, on weekdays and weekends, they are accessible and provide us and our clients with excellent input of the highest quality. Being able to solidify our collaboration through a partnership that benefits our ability to support early phase trials with dedicated phase I units, and enhances the quality of our medical affairs team through the hands-on experience of the CRU Global staff is fantastic. And we are also very happy to support the CRU Global team in running trials with medical devices and medicinal products globally, while matching their speed in efficiency in a way no large, global CRO can. It is great seeing that in the competitive environment that the CRO business sometimes is, there is and always will be space for mutually beneficial collaboration and partnership.

Dr. Andreas Beust (CEO GCP-Service International), Pavlína Walter (Managing Director CEE / Head of Global Business Development)

Through GCP-Service, and by extension the partner organizations in the Association of International CROs of which GCP-Service is a founding member, CRU Global has gained access to running trials globally, as well as GCP-Service’s 20 years of medical device experience, which is uniquely positioned to serve clients seeking access for their medical devices to the European market. Conversely, through CRU Global, GCP-Service has gained access to accelerated phase I trial execution through dedicated facilities with a proven track-record of unprecedented speed of regulatory approval and patient recruitment, as well as the medical and scientific support that CRU Global can offer.

Peter Kovacs, CEO at CRU Global, expressed his excitement about the partnership:

A renaissance of medical device clinical trials will follow in the coming years. It will be a very significant area of clinical trials, requiring specific expertise, as the regulatory processes in the medical device field are very different from those in pharmacology. Working with GCP Services, we have found a CRO partner that is one of the most experienced European players in this field, with a full international network coverage. For us, this is a very important partnership, a collaboration that complements the considerable experience of the CRU international network in pharmacological testing in this new field. CRU's investment targets also include an increasing number of medical device companies and projects that predestine a faster exit at a significantly lower risk compared to the Pharma/Biotech segment.

This strategic partnership emphasizes the commitment of both CRU Global and GCP-Service to make clinical trials accessible and facilitate healthcare solutions to patients worldwide. Both have been striving for many years to provide efficient and effective solutions to performing clinical trials, accelerating time to market for medicinal products and medical devices alike.

About GCP-Service International

GCP-Service International is a privately owned, full-service international CRO, with 20 years of experience getting medicinal products and medical devices from concept to market. GCP-Service is committed to driving innovation by supporting manufacturers with risk-based approaches tailored to their specific needs. As an investor in a medical device startup and Sponsor for multiple global investigator-initiated trials, GCP-Service is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of a Sponsor, and which elements of a trial require the highest degree of quality to ensure patient safety and rights and high data integrity without losing speed or efficiency.

GCP-Services’ work is founded on the quality and diligence of its work, its experience in conducting clinical trials and the ability to utilize the agility of a mid-sized CRO with a global reach to optimize trial efficiency. Find out how GCP-Service can be the solution to your global clinical trial at


CRU-GLOBAL is a privately-owned, site network with CRO services involving Pharmaceutical, Biological and Medical Devices, started in 2007 with a strong presence in Europe with a rapidly increasing Global reach. CRU Global completed over 350 Phase 1 to 3 clinical trials in almost all medical indications. Since 2016 CRU is deeply involved in many Academic research projects in the field of neurology, oncology, biomarker research and biobanking. In 2019 CRU initiated its Venture Capital program investing in small BioTech and MedTech companies and promoting University Start-up companies, research groups as a PE or Angel Investor. Further information on and   

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