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Dear clients, partners and vendors! 

Herewith we would like to inform you about a changed structure in the upper management of GCP-Service International. GCP-Service was founded in August 2004 by Dr. Andreas Grund. The CRO has been grown from a small, local CRO focused on clinical operations services to an international full-service CRO who even takes over Sponsor responsibilities. 

More than 100 permanent team members, more than 30 nationalities and 7 branch offices have been developed to provide high quality clinical study services to our clients. During these 18 years the changes in clinical research, technology and society were fundamental. 

Therefore, it was decided that a change in upper management is a logical consequence to guarantee the satisfaction of clients and the success of the organization for the future:

Dr. Andreas Grund, since 2004 CEO and founder of GCP-Service, will transfer his responsibilities by July 1st, 2022, to Dr. Andreas Beust (current CSO and future CEO) and Thomas Kissner (current CTO and future COO).  Andreas Grund will stay as shareholder and member of the advisory board in the company. He loves the clinical research business, the innovative environment, and the interesting people. Therefore, he will further on offer his services as GCP-Coach, Trainer and Consultant for the drug and medical device industry. 

His thoughts about the change:
I am 100% confident that the generational change in upper management is very healthy for GCP-Service for the long-term development. I saw too many companies with too old decision makers which suffered from too late changes. If you love an organization, as I do, you need to leave as CEO before you are not considered to be the best CEO anymore, but not after it suffered already. I thank all the people who worked with me on amazing projects, all the people of the current team and all the people who followed me for a couple of years. Every client, partner or co-worker shaped my mindset and was therefore an important factor of my career so far. On the other hand, it would be a shame to waste my 25 years of clinical research experience when many companies with innovative and promising products are struggling with lacking experience and competence! I want to return what the business provided to me during the last intensive couple of years.

Dr. Andreas Beust, since 2017 member of the GCP-Service family, has worked in several positions but primarily as Biostatistician, and took over the Biostatistics department of GCP-Service in 2020, and the Medical Writing department in 2021. In his current role as CSO he also shaped the approach to risk-based quality management, with a particular focus on optimizing monitoring in a risk-based manner and with more efficient and data-driven approach.


His perception of the change: “When Andreas presented the opportunity to become CEO of GCP-Service to me, I was thrilled knowing what a wonderful team we have and how I could help make an impact. Since joining the clinical research space, I got to engage with many wonderful people, and I could see the hurdles patients, sites and Sponsors alike are facing. It gave me perspective and drives me to work on improving the clinical trial landscape, and to enable access to clinical trials against limitations of knowledge, opportunity and financial nature for many involved parties. There is a wealth of opportunity for growth and innovation in clinical research, and I know we are on an excellent path with our team. Andreas has nourished a supportive, open and inclusive culture that has made this transition exceptionally easy for us, and his decision to support a transition towards a new generation in GCP-Service leadership speaks volumes to the culture he has helped grow.”

Thomas Kissner, since 2013 at GCP-Service in different positions with data driven aspects within clinical data management, took over the CTO position in 2020. In his current role as CTO, he oversees the development and dissemination of technology used to support operational teams in making better decisions more efficiently and effectively. He shaped the company’s use of eTools to “customer tailored solutions” as well as the focus on the human expert behind the machine, contradicting the outdated rule of ”one size fits all”. Providing our clients different solutions depending on the actual need has been a focus of his for many years.

Thomas’ perception the change: “If I look back, this change was already introduced some time ago by Andreas. I was challenged, mentored, supported, and could grow all along the way and I am still thrilled seeing how I can make a positive impact for our clients and our internal team. For me, the step to take on a broader responsibility for the company wellbeing and success, is my way of serving our clients and employees and giving something back in this regard. Andreas’ decision to pass on responsibility as well as the nurtured company culture at GCP-Service speaks volumes in terms of trust and is exceptional. He steered the company on a path of growth, and we will move forward on this path, leading the company to continued positive impact on clinical trials. There is a wonderful team at GCP-Service motivated to engage with our clients and solve their needs, who I am thrilled to work with.”