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Career as a Medical Writer

Career as a Medical Writer

Medical writing offers an opportunity to learn about various health fields, medical conditions, as well as drugs, medical devices and treatments. There is a wide variety of places where medical writers work. Some are employed in Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and handle a large portion of regulatory writing for pharma companies and the biotech sector.

Pharma companies themselves also have their own internal teams of specialized medical writers. Typically, when regulations change, job opportunities are created for medical writers and regulatory affairs staff. Other medical writers work as editors in medical and science journals or in marketing. It is also possible to work in institutions such as research centers and larger hospitals, thereby handling their public relations.

Interestingly, medical writing also offers ample opportunity for remote or freelance work, with many writers switching from in-house to freelance and the other way around. Pursuing a medical writing career path in a CRO combines high responsibility with excitement. Here medical writers pose a crucial asset to the team, handling a variety of documents involved in the drug development and its reporting.
Their day-to-day work is an adventure of juggling multiple projects, and specializing in health areas of highest interest. Interestingly, this is also a recession-proof professional journey since it is tied to the pharmaceutical industry; medical writers will continue to be in demand with the increase of the global drug development.

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