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New branch office in the Netherlands!

New branch office in the Netherlands!

René Pulles, Lead Regional Operations Manager in Nijmegen

Why open a new branch office in the Netherlands?

The answer is clear. The Benelux area is home to nearly 30 million people. The Netherlands alone has a population of around 17.5 million and a high population density of 416 inhabitants/km², making it the fifth most densely populated country in Europe.

Benelux is known for its strong economy and many key opinion leaders declare this region as an important region for clinical trials. The Netherlands has a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the field of drug development. More than 400 drug companies, 7 academic hospitals and 14 universities are located within a circle of 200 kilometers. The excellent infrastructure, but certainly also the arrival of the European Medicines Agency EMA in Amsterdam, make the Netherlands an attractive location for pharmaceutical companies. In the Netherlands, more than 65,000 people are directly and indirectly employed in the pharmaceutical sector. There are an estimated 550 new clinical studies per year in the Netherlands, clients could be some of the 2,900 innovative R&D life science companies and 420 biopharmaceutical companies that call the Netherlands their home.

Straightforward communication is valued in the Netherlands as well as Germany, which helps in resolving issues quickly and efficiently. If you are not used to hearing opinions that are direct, then working in the Netherlands or Germany may take some getting used to.

At GCP-Service we use our international team to speak openly about issues in a respective manner. For example, it does not make sense to describe excellent study data if the study data is overall bad just for the sake of politeness. We will not waste time or resources. Let`s speak openly about issues and openly about their resolution!

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